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Explore the latest samples of student projects using Adobe Express in K-12 classrooms.

Student with Creative Work
Student Work Sample in Adobe Express

The Spooky Cell Organelles’ Halloween Adventure

Imagining organisms as spooky Halloween characters and activities was no problem for this high-schooler. Using Adobe Express, it was easy to tell a story about cell stages and responsibilities with thematic backgrounds, text effects, and creative images.

Animated Unicorn in Adobe Express

Talking Unicorn - Animate from Audio Project

Students can bring characters to life using the Animate from Audio feature in Adobe Express. In this elementary school project, students created their own animations and then recorded their own voices for a unique spin on presentations.

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How Sports Impact Mental Health

When this high school student was challenged to create a video news report, he used Adobe Express video editing tools to present his work to the class and bring awareness to an important topic.

Student Project Fact Sheet

All About Cats Poster

K-12 students use Adobe Express for all types of creative projects, including fact sheets like this one from a 1st grader who teaches us all about cats.

Student Web Page Example

San Jose Del Cabo Web page

Students can present anything they imagine with Adobe Express. In this web page example, a middle school student took us on a journey through her family vacation.

K-12 Creative Science Web Page

Scientific Process Web Page

Using a web page template in Adobe Express, this group of third-grade students explained their science experiment and the scientific process through compelling visuals and text.

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