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Get your district up and running with an Adobe Admin Console

To begin deployment of Adobe Express and before you can acquire licenses, you will need an Admin Console assigned to your district. Fill out this form to get started.

An Adobe rep will check your details and send you a VIP invite. All you have to do is accept the terms and conditions to gain access to an Admin Console. Once logged in, set your organization type as “K–12.” Accept the free Adobe Express for K–12 offer, and agree to additional K–12 privacy terms on behalf of the institution.

Looking for help with Adobe Express on Chromebooks? Get support here.

See what students are making with Express

Adobe Express Single Sign-On Help

Adobe can federate users with Microsoft Azure, Google, Clever, Classlink, or with any SAML 2.0 Identity provider. To create a federated directory, connect to your primary identity provider and enable any secondary providers like Google OIDC, Clever, or Classlink.

Make sure to verify ownership of your domain(s) via your Microsoft Azure or Google Global Administrator account. Alternatively, you can validate your ownership via a DNS token.

See what students are making with Express

Syncing Users to Adobe Express

You can automatically sync users and groups from your chosen directory source with options of Azure, Google, Clever, or Classlink. Then, you can assign the Adobe Express product profile to the user groups, which enables users to start creating.

Pin Adobe Express to Taskbar

Share a Simple URL to Adobe Express

To help users log-in easily to Adobe Express, simply place this link (see the instructions and URL below) on your Microsoft Waffle, Pin to the Chromebook taskbar, district app launch pads, managed bookmarks, or SSO portal—replacing “” with one of your claimed domains from the federation setup.

See what students are making with Express

Adobe Express Integrations

Create accounts easily using systems you’re already comfortable with for deploying student and teacher accounts, like Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, and Google Classroom. With the ease of Quick Link, educators and students can log in to their Adobe Express accounts with one click once they’ve logged in to the partner app.

It’s easy to integrate Adobe Express within the tools most familiar to your users to make login, turn-in, and grading a breeze. Adobe Express currently supports integrations with Clever SSO, Classlink SSO, Canvas LMS, Google Classroom Add-On, Schoology, and more on the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are compatible with Adobe Express?


The Adobe Express web-based app is compatible with any device, including desktop, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, iPad, iPhone, and Android. For complete details, you can reference this device compatibility chart.

How do I control Generative AI features in Adobe Express?


Generative AI features in Adobe Express powered by Firefly are ready to be used in classrooms, thanks to guardrails encouraging appropriate use. We also give district admins the ability to toggle on and off the generative AI features in Adobe Express.

I have an Adobe Admin Console already, do I need a new one for Adobe Express?


Good news, you do not need a new console but can access Adobe Express within your existing Adobe Admin Console. Log in to, and then click on ‘Products’ and select ‘Adobe Express.’

My school is not using Google or Azure - can I still give access to Adobe Express to my students?


You can use another SAML-based authentication.

Can the school use generic user accounts and share them?


Adobe relies on each user having their individual access. Multiple logins to the same account may trigger two-factor authentication codes to be entered to log in. There is also the risk of documents being deleted or edited by others using the same account.

Do I need to install/deploy the software to the computers?


No, Adobe Express is browser-based. Students and teachers simply need to log in at, log in, and they can start creating.

What is the privacy policy?


Adobe takes student data privacy very seriously. Please visit to view our privacy policies and learn more about how our deployment process protects your students’ data.

Can Adobe Express be used offline?


Adobe Express is a web-based application and requires a stable internet connection.

Are there any costs involved in using Adobe Express?


Adobe Express for Education includes Premium features and is free to K-12 educational institutions. You can check eligibility here.

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