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Learn how K-12 edtech teams can help educators get started with Adobe Express. Here you’ll find information about logins, integrations, and sharing and posting your projects.

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How to login to Adobe Express

Adobe Express is accessible via Single Sign-On (SSO) through your district’s portal, whether that’s Clever, ClassLink, Google, or Quick Log-in. Ask your admin which one is set up for your team.

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Access Adobe Express from your classroom tools

Discover how to integrate Adobe Express with your Canvas or Google Classroom LMS. Or use ready-to-go integrations with teaching tools like Flipgrid, Wakelet, and Book Creator.

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Get teachers started with Adobe Express

Help educators get up and running with Adobe Express in the classroom. Here’s a roll-out guide for you and your educators to learn as you go.

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Share and post your projects

It’s easy to get feedback and share final versions of your work. Simply share or post projects to Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox

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Get started with Adobe Express

Don’t have Adobe Express yet? Get on board today.

Get started with Adobe Express