What The World Needs Now:
Teaching Wicked Problem-Solving in the Age of AI and GenTech Bots

Our panelists share their experiences using transformative digital pedagogies to address deep-seated, “wicked problems” such as racism, climate change, and social justice.

Dr. Terri Givens, McGill University, Professor of Political Science and the founder of the Center for Higher Education Leadership and Brighter Professional Development

Dr. Eddie Webb, Mesa Community College, Founding Director of the New Media Lab Experience at Mesa Community College and owner/founder of Red Pony Tribal Film Academies

Frank Sesno, George Washington University, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs and an Emmy Award-winning journalist and creator of Planet Forward

Dr. Todd Taylor, Adobe Pedagogical Evangelist and Professor of English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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How Do I Grade This Thing?

Dr. Todd Taylor leads a panel discussion that reflects on decades of research and experience in assessing digital work against the backdrop of the more recent arrival of AI bots in student academic writing spaces.

Dr. Sheneese Thompson, Assistant Professor, Language, Literature & Cultural Studies at Bowie State University

Dr. Justin Hodgson, Indiana University Bloomington, Associate Professor of Digital Rhetoric in the Department of English and Co-Director of the Digital Gardener Initiative

Todd Taylor, Adobe Pedagogical Evangelist. Professor of English University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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Literacy and Creativity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Prompted by the recent explosion of ChatGPT in student work, two writing professors discuss the developing impact of generative AI in education and the future of storytelling, with a focus on photography and film.

Dr. Sid Dobrin, Department Chair and Professor of English, Director of the Trace Innovation Initiative,
University of Florida

Dr. Stacey Cochran, Associate Professor of Practice, Coordinator of Student Success and Wellness,
University of Arizona

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Reengaging 2022 - Adobe Higher Education Webinar

Reengaging 2022

Academic leaders share their outlooks for the new academic year. The panel discussion focuses on turning the corner and improving student and faculty engagement through experiential learning and transformative pedagogies.

Susan Miller-Cochran, Ph.D., Professor of English and Executive Director of General Education in the Office of the Provost at the University of Arizona

Kyle Bowen, Executive Director, Learning Experience at Arizona State University

Wanda White, Ed.D., Director Center for Innovative and Transformative Instruction (CITI) at Winston-Salem State University

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Digital Literacy Webinar - Recent Graduates Reflect

Recent Graduates Reflect on the Impact of Digital Literacy

Dr. Todd Taylor hosts two recent college graduates who discuss how developing digital literacy skills has had a positive impact on their academic careers and
 post-graduation opportunities.

Todd Taylor, Adobe Pedagogical Evangelist. Professor of English University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Valentina Arismendi,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Vincent Fu, University of Utah;
University of Denver Medical School at Anschutz

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Adobe Higher Ed Webinar - Future Facing Learning

Future-Facing Learning for All:
Whenever, Wherever, However

Two education leaders discuss the promise of engaged teaching and learning for all, especially for students who might not have been as actively included in traditional approaches.

Melissa Vito, Ph.D., Vice Provost, Academic Innovation, University of Texas San Antonio

Jonathan Eaton, Ph.D., Academic Registrar, Teesside University, Middlesbrough, UK

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Digital Teaching and Learning Webinar

Low-lift, High-impact
Digital Teaching and Learning

Two education leaders share their insights on easy-to- implement strategies, and they discuss successes with digital storytelling platforms — including Adobe Spark — that have flat learning curves and wide accessibility.

Shauna Chung, Ph.D. Candidate, Rhetorics, Communication, and Informational Design Program, Clemson University

Brian Johnsrud, Ph.D., Head of Education Curriculum, Adobe

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Higher Education Webinar - Designing Programs for Digital Teaching

Designing Faculty Development Programs for Transformative Digital Teaching

Hear from architects of three unique programs.

Dr. Anne Hoag, Associate Professor and Director, Center for Penn State Student, Entrepreneurship, Penn State University

Kyle Bowen, Executive Director Learning Experience, Office of the CIO, Arizona State University

Holly K. Johnson, Associate Director, Learning Experience Innovation & Outreach and Associate Instructor, Design Foundations, College of Architecture + Planning + Design, University of Utah

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Digital Literacy Webinar - Impact of Creativity in STEM

The Impact of Creativity in STEM

Thought leaders share their perspectives, student examples, and research on the impact of digital literacy and creativity in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Dr. Stephen Moysey, Professor, Geological Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, East Carolina University

Hillary Andales, Student, majoring in Physics and minoring in Astronomy and Philosophy, MIT

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Adobe Critical Digital Literacy Webinar

Critical Digital Literacy: Stories of Community and Social Justice in the Aftermath of 2020

Hear from academic thought leaders on how students are using digital literacy to work for change.

Dr. Jack S. Monell, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Justice Studies, Winston-Salem State University

Dr. Eddie Webb, Professor and Director of New Media Lab Experience, Mesa Community College

Rebecca Rae Ross, Ph.D. Student, Rhetoric, Communication, and Information Design, Clemson University

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Adobe Higher Education Webinar

Lessons Learned: Engaging Students Through Distance Learning

Learn how University of Texas at San Antonio was able to quickly make the pivot to remote teaching and how digital literacy skills can be taught through online forums.

Dr. Melissa Vito, Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, University of Texas at San Antonio

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Adobe Digital Literacy Webinar

Digital Literacy: The Debate is Over

Listen to this discussion about the value of digital literacy skills and why academic leaders should embrace teaching them across any discipline. And how it’s more important than ever.

Dr. Eddie Webb, Professor and Director of New Media Lab Experience, Mesa Community College

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Adobe Higher Education Student Webinar

Through a Student’s Eyes: Cultivating Digital Literacy Across Disciplines

Get insights from a UNC Chapel Hill student on how learning Adobe Creative Cloud helps develop deep creative and persuasive communication skills.

Valentina Arismendi, B.A. Media and Journalism, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Class of 2021

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