Find teaching resources by subject.

The Adobe Education Exchange now offers collections of hand-selected teaching resources covering a variety of subject areas, grade levels, and themes. Explore the latest curations — history lessons, science projects, writing exercises, creative approaches to math, art resources, Khan Academy activities, and more.


Explore creative kickstarters for any class.

Use these projects to inspire creativity, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaboration skills. Students will create digital media as they explore texts, explain complex concepts, and more.

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Learn to create with video bytes.

These short videos show how students and educators of all skill
levels can make incredible digital projects with Creative Cloud.

Create engaging presentations.

See how easy it is to design presentations with Adobe Spark, InDesign, and Acrobat Pro.

Make dynamic videos.

Discover why video production is a breeze with Adobe Spark, Premiere Rush, and Premiere Pro.

Design websites and mobile apps.

Make web pages and design interactive mobile apps with Adobe Spark and XD.

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