Deployment and account creation

Create accounts easily using systems you’re already comfortable with for deploying student and teacher accounts.

g-sync azure

Single Sign-On and District Portals

Gone are the days of forgotten usernames and passwords. With the ease of Single Sign-On, educators and students can log in to their Spark accounts with one click once they’ve logged in to the partner app.


Learning Management Systems and Storage Solutions

  • Educators can create assignments that include Adobe Spark projects.
  • Students can open and complete the assignment in Adobe Spark online and submit them through Canvas.
  • Educators can view, grade, and leave comments on Adobe Spark submissions using Canvas SpeedGrader.
  • Students and educators can launch their Creative Cloud Apps through Canvas with Single Sign-On (SSO).



Students and educators can access their Creative Cloud Apps from the Course Content feed or System Tools using SSO.



  • Educators can share and publish a Spark project as an assignment, question, announcement, or new material.
  • Students can share a Spark project to Google Classroom.



Students and educators can share a Spark project directly to Microsoft Teams.



  • Send Spark projects to Google Drive.
  • Access Spark projects from within Google Drive.
  • Create new Spark projects from within Google Drive.



Embed Spark projects for instant viewing

You can embed a link to a Spark project and it will automatically unfurl, allowing you to view the project in the partner app instead of navigating to the Spark website.