Creative Cloud Webinar for Educators

Impact of creativity on career & college readiness.

Learn how creative and digital literacy have improved student outcomes like GPA and career trajectories post-college graduation, and how these approaches impacted K-12 education in states committed to digital learning.

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Adobe Webinar with District Administrator

How multiple districts are improving teacher and student engagement.

Hear from Ben Forta — author, educator, and Senior Director of Education Initiatives at Adobe — on how districts have employed creativity to jumpstart engagement initiatives.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Webinar for Video Making

Incorporate video-making
into any subject.

See how students can combine footage, narration, motion graphics, images, and text to create powerful videos for book reports, science presentations, investigative journalism, public service announcements, and more.

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Creative Cloud for Educators - Adobe Design Webinar

Start students off with
web pages and app design.

Whether they want to turn field trip journals and lab reports into visually rich web pages or design math games for smartphones, students can use Adobe web and app design tools to present, reinforce, and enhance their learning. Join this session to see how.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Webinar for Educators

Get students creating
images and graphics.

Give students everything they need to design high-impact report covers, flyers, posters, infographics, and more. In this session, we'll demonstrate how students can use Adobe apps to bring text, shapes, colors, and photos together in images and graphics that grab attention.

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