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Higher Education Faculty Workshops:

Academic Essentials with Adobe 

These introductory modules spotlight how faculty of all disciplines are transforming their curricula and improving student outcomes.

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A workshop series all about

Built and hosted by fellow educators of all disciplines: learn how to use and teach essential skills like data visualization, impactful presentations, video projects, and more—supported by the easy-to-learn Adobe Express and the rest of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Faculty can earn accredited badges as they develop skills and empower students to build and share their ideas in ways that stand out.

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Digital Research Papers with
Adobe Express

Share knowledge with the quick and easy Adobe Express. We'll showcase new features and ways to communicate seamlessly in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

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Academic Videos and Podcasts
with Adobe Rush

Learn how educators and researchers use video and audio to share ideas and engage viewers, and explore how these rich media formats can transform the way important stories are told. 

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Research Journals with Adobe
Express and Adobe InDesign

Learn how to develop critical thinking skills through undergraduate research journals. Explore ways to make a splash, and convey complex ideas with clarity and confidence.

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Infographic and Data
Visualization with Adobe Express
and Adobe Illustrator

Learn how students can use award-winning tools to turn data into visual insights. Telling stories with data and analytics is increasingly in the forefront of many disciplines.

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Career Branding Portfolio with Adobe Express and Creative Cloud

Learn how to help students discover easy and compelling ways to add depth and authenticity to their career brands and portfolios. See how students can present a cohesive collection of work and showcase their accomplishments.

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Composing Academic Images
with Adobe Express and
Adobe Photoshop

Learn ways students can control the design and composition of images to captivate academic audiences. Creating compelling visual elements is an integral skill that can enhance the presentation of information, making even complex ideas easy to understand.

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